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We’ve got some of the most innovative products on the market, all built to compliment the AWS range of windows & doors.

FlowTHRU™ Draining Solutions

The FlowTHRU™ system can be used to create flush sills and superior drainage.

The FlowTHRU™ integrated threshold drainage solution is designed to offer a practical solution for applications where a flush sill threshold is required. A flush sill threshold allows internal and external floor surfaces to have the same finish level with no elevated threshold to create a trip hazard or interrupt the space. Visually a flush sill threshold allows internal and external living spaces to transition seamlessly and creates a great sense of space. From a practical perspective, a flush sill threshold allows improved accessibility and reduces the risk of trips and falls.

  • Fully Tested
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heelsafe® Anti-Slip surface
  • Compatible with a full range of Vantage®, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART® Door Systems

Drainage is a critical element with this type of installation, as the water performance of sliding, hinged and bi-fold door systems is impacted when a flush sill is used. The FlowTHRU™ integrated threshold drainage solution addresses these issues allowing the doors to drain into a recessed stainless steel trough and catering for water runoff from the door panels. This ensures there is no water seepage around the sill and minimises the risk of internal floor surfaces becoming wet, protecting carpet, timber and other internal floor finishes.

The trough is fitted with an architecturally styled stainless steel grate featuring ACO™ Heelsafe®Anti-Slip surface, complying with AS 4586 for slip resistance.

The FlowTHRU™ Integrated threshold drainage solution has been tested to ensure performance in even the harshest of environments and is the only fully tested integrated threshold drainage solution for Vantage®, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART® door systems.

The FlowTHRU™ system is compatible with a range of Vantage®, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART® door single and multi-panel door systems up to 15m in length and suitable for use in residential or commercial applications. For applications greater than 15m length please contact AWS for a custom solution.

Centor™ Screening

Award-winning fully retractable screens that are concealed inside the wall cavity. Smooth, elegant and seamless. When retracted your view is completely unobstructed! Designed for bifold and sliding doors.

The Centor retractable screen is a world-first retractable insect screen for openings as wide as 7.6m and can be installed with all Vantage door systems as part of a seamless screening solution. This screen provides eco-friendly retractable insect screening and solar control with fingertip operation allowing homeowners to have complete control of their living environment. The screen retracts horizontally and discreetly into its frame when not in use – a revolutionary solution for those who refuse to compromise on style.

On openings up to 3.9m wide either single or multi-function options are available. Where a single function is required, choose from insect screen or sun filter fabric. For a multi-function option select both fabrics to create a two-in-one screening solution. Create a multi-function system using sun filter and insect fabrics to provide solar control in the mornings and prevent insects entering the home in the evenings.

For openings wider than 3.9m and up to 7.6m wide choose one fabric only, either mesh or blind for a double system.


For generations, Breezway’s Altair Aluminium Louvre Windows have been relied upon to design naturally comfortable structures. Breezway conducts thorough assessments of Altair Louvre Windows to ensure they meet both Australian and International Standards, and their effectiveness has been demonstrated in real-life cyclonic conditions.


Controllaview features double-glazed units that are meticulously sealed to include built-in Venetian blinds. The blinds are operated via the clever use of sliding magnets, and can be tailored to various finishes.


DecoWood combines the natural look and feel of timber with the durability and low maintenance of aluminium. Combining Super Durable powder coating and photo imaging technology, DecoWood is a precise reproduction of actual timber.

Here are 7 super reasons why DecoWood is Australia’s favourite timber look aluminium.

1. Beautiful

Super Durable DecoWood creates an environment of warmth and style, just like timber. It is versatile and flexible and can be applied to most aluminium building products where the look of timber is desired.

2. Durable

Super Durable DecoWood is 50% more durable than standard powder coating. Unlike timber, aluminium will never twist, warp or rot, and it is resistant to termite attack. 

3. Sustainable

DecoWood aluminium is an environmentally sustainable alternative. Super Durable DecoWood enables you to enjoy the natural beauty of timber without logging trees or using paints containing harmful VOC’s. Aluminium is easily recycled and can be recycled many times.

4. Effortless

Super Durable DecoWood never needs sanding, painting, staining or oiling in its lifetime. DecoWood aluminium is light and strong, so it is fast and easy to install.

5. Australian

Rest assured that Super Durable DecoWood is made in Australia, giving you confidence in the high quality of manufacturing and direct benefits to the Australian economy.

6. Quality

Super Durable DecoWood is made from the highest quality powders available that have been tested under extreme environmental conditions and fully comply with Australian and international standards. 

7. Selection

Choose from a wide range of natural textured or smooth wood grain finishes. View the range of timber finishes available here.

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