Natural light is the key ingredient for making a comfortable and healthy home. That’s why we offer the award-winning LightBridge™ range from Viridian, so you can bathe in natural light and reconnect with your surroundings.

LightBridge™ double glazing units kerb the flow of heat in and out of your home to an unparalleled degree.  This allows you to have expansive glazing whilst still achieving an energy efficient home. LightBridge™ is also available in a range of levels of enhanced security, noise reduction and UV protection – putting the power back in your hands to make your home your sanctuary.

To find out more information about LightBridge™ and other products offered by Viridian, click here to view the full range of glass on offer by Taberners, supplied by Viridian.

Why would you ever use ordinary Glass Again?


Taberner’s offer you a range of energy efficient glazing solutions for your windows including Viridian’s revolutionary SmartGlass. Like wall and ceiling insulation, SmartGlass is protecting you and your family from the extremes of heat and cold while reducing your power bills. So now the whole family can enjoy the views, natural light and a more comfortable living environment all year round.

SmartGlass is a revolution in window technology. It looks just like ordinary glass but has a high tech Low E coating which actively insulates your home.

24/7 Active Insulation

In summer, SmartGlass actively reduces the amount of solar heat that enters a home. In winter, it works in reverse, reflecting warmth back inside your home.

Reduce Energy Costs

SmartGlass is an affordable upgrade from ordinary glass that delivers superior insulation, a more comfortable home and energy savings all year round.

Boost Energy Ratings

SmartGlass is so advanced it can help homes achieve up to an extra Star Rating in energy efficiency when compared with ordinary glass.*

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