We’re an Australian owned, family business —
meet the team.

We are a proud Australian owned and operated business, run by the same family since 1927. The business has been handed down through the generations, which has allowed Taberner’s to evolve yet maintain it’s high quality name and great customer service. Through extensive window and door manufacturing experience and loyalty to our customers we have built a reputable business in Orange.

Our staff are our biggest asset and we are proud to have them working for us, we are glad to be able to introduce them to you. See below for more details on who we are and what roles we have within the company.

What we do

We pride ourselves on quality and service, our philosophy is simple: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
We ensure clear communication at all times, we are committed to delivering on time and work with you to ensure the best outcome for the project. Our experienced team have over 250 years combined working at the business. We know our aluminium windows and doors(!)
Check out our testimonials to see feedback we have received over the years. Whether you are a builder, home owner, architect or just starting out we are here to help each step of the way.
David The Boss
David has now passed on the business to his children and holds an advisory position, however the passion for the trade always means he’s keen to be involved, he can be found most days on the factory floor showing us all how it is done! Outside of work David enjoys holidays with his wife Phyllis and when home time on the farm with family including 26 grand children and 6 great grandchildren!
CherrieManaging Director
Cherrie oversees the day-to-day running of the business ensuring a smooth operation in all of areas of the business. Cherrie works closely with our glaziers in Sydney coordinating all aspects of heavy site glazing, final service and adjustments on our many projects in Sydney. When not working she’ll be found at home with her husband and four children enjoying entertaining and spending time by an outdoor fire. Cherrie loves to travel the world and does so as often as possible.
AshleyDirector / Site Manager
Ashley is the go to site man often finding solutions to the unusual projects on site. Never without a smile, he loves a challenge. Also playing a big part in the design of the new Kenworth Crane Truck & now taking charge of deliveries in it ,he will get your windows delivered safe & sound. Along with his wife Jana and four daughters he enjoys spending time hunting, camping or bike riding.
LyndonDirector / General Manager
Lyndon is the youngest of the 3rd generation owners holding a pivotal role. Managing the sales team with a passion for customer service. Lyndon also casts his eye over all orders prior to manufacture to ensure a hassle free flow of projects through the factory. Outside of work Lyndon enjoys staying active at Cross Fit, skiing and spending time with his wife and four daughters.
Richard has grown with the company over the past 20 years covering many aspects of the production process, this provides him with unparalleled product knowledge when selling the Vantage range. Rich is an integral part of the sales team who is often in the showroom with customers. A gentle giant, Rich along with his wife and children enjoy the outdoors and sport on the weekend.
Matt is another key member of our sales team. Having gained vital product knowledge over the 20 years he has worked with Taberners he is able to provide excellent service to our customers. Matt works closely with our busy builders to ensure they get the right product every time. When he’s not with his family, Matt enjoys Cross Fit and mountain biking with a cold beer to finish.
Tim joined Taberners in January 2018, he has a background of 5 years in the industry. Tim spent the first 12 months in the production team and then moved into the service department. In January 2021, Tim changed roles once again and has now moved into the office to join the other estimators. Tim has been a great addition to the team and always has a story to tell. In Tim’s spare time he enjoys being outdoors and supporting his favourite footy team.
TaylorMarketing Manager & Payroll Officer
Taylor joined the family business in August 2016 and is a 4th generation family member. Taylor now works part time and her days at work involve being in the payroll & marketing department. In Taylor’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family and she is also enjoying adapting to her new life as a mum to her baby boy, Abel. Taylor and her husband Kyle will soon be welcoming baby #2 to the family.
PhilCustomer Service & Purchasing Officer
Phil joined the business in November 2019. Phil will be the first person to greet you as you walk through the doors. He spends his days purchasing all of the goods for the factory. In Phil’s spare time he enjoys spending time in his garden, playing with his dog and spending time with his partner.
Tieke joined the business in June 2020. She handles all of our account inquiries. Tieke enjoys spending time with her family, friends and animals. She also loves a bit of quiet time doing puzzles and Sudoku’s. Tieke is also studying Bachelor of Science at university.
LeanneCustomer Service
Leanne joined the business in February 2020 as our receptionist. She works front of house, greeting you as you come through the door. Leanne is a mum to 3 kids and she enjoys holidays with them and her husband. She loves family time.
ScottProduction Manager
Scott joined the team in July 2017 as a window fabricator. Scott quickly became a valuable member of the team and soon moved into the role of Quality Assurance Inspector. As of September 2019, Scott has taken on the role of Production Manager. Scott oversees all of the work moving through the factory to ensure delivery requirements are met. He joined the team with a lot of previous experience including over 14 years in the industry. In Scott’s spare time he enjoys playing football and video games. A keen dragons supporter, he also enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children.
SunnyTeam Leader / CNC Operator
Sunny is a joint team leader & runs our CNC machine in the factory with incredible technical knowledge of the AWS Vantage systems. When he’s not working Sunny spends time in the garden with his children and cooking with his wife. In 2010 sunny was proud to become an Australian citizen.
RalphTeam Leader / Production Team
Ralph is also a joint team leader & one of our most experienced employees, having been with us for 28 years. He is always happy to share his knowledge with those around him. Ralph is part of our production team, he can often be found on the forklift unloading the incoming goods when hes not busy making up the sashes for our windows. Outside of work Ralph loves the outdoors, camping, gold detecting and time with the family, he also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.
NeilProduction Team
Neil is our longest serving member of the team clocking up 40 years recently. Neil spends his days working in the window assembly department, making the sashes to be put into the windows. When he’s not in the factory, Neil enjoys golf and relaxing at home catching up on his favourite TV shows.
MattProduction Team
Matt works in the pre-production area, fitting all locks to the entire product range ensuring a seamless and comfortable operation for the end user. When he’s not at work he enjoys time with his family, going to church and fishing. Matt also enjoys bike riding and working in his garden.
SuzieWarehousing and Logisitics
Suzie is a 3rd Generation family member and joined the business in early 2020. Suzie does many things around the factory but her main role involves getting all of the parts required for service work jobs. Suzie is from a big family and on the weekend she enjoys spending time with them, gardening and she also loves bonfires.
LukeProduction Team
Luke joined the production team with 3 years experience, a quick learner on the Vantage range with a keen eye, he works in the window production area. Luke also helps out with loading the finished goods carefully onto our frames for delivery. Outside of the factory Luke enjoys camping, hunting and spending time with his family.
JayQuality Assurance Inspector
Jay joined the team in January 2016 to replace Andrew as our sawyer. Jay brings a high level of competence with him and he has picked up the role quickly. Needing to learn over 1000 extrusions isn’t an easy task but he has relished the challenge. Jay has now moved into the role of Quality Assurance Inspector and he is enjoying the change in his day to day work. Jay enjoys home brew, golf, soccer and cricket. He also loves spending time with his wife and daughters.
KyleService Team
Kyle joined the family business in November 2017 as part of the production team. In January 2021, Kyle changed roles to head up our service department. Kyle spends his time in the service van which is stocked with all parts required to keep our products running smoothly. Before joining the company, Kyle also spent some time working at a glass manufacturing plant which eased him into the window and door trade. Kyle was in the hospitality industry for 6 years prior to becoming a fabricator, he worked as a baker and a chef. He enjoys spending his spare time with his new son, Abel, riding motorbikes, cooking, playing soccer, basketball and spending time with his wife, family, friends and dog. Kyle is also married to Taylor, who works in the office.
AshleyWarehousing Team
Ashley joined the team in September 2018 as part of our production team. Since September 2019, Ashley has moved into the role of warehousing. His days are spent unloading and unpacking incoming deliveries. Ashley is a chef by trade but is enjoying the change of path. He likes to spend his spare time with his family and friends. On the weekends he doesn’t mind a bit of dirt bike riding and social darts. Ashley has worked for us in the past and always brings a positive and uplifting vibe to the work place. We are very glad to have him back as part of our team.
SeanProduction Team
Sean joined the team in September 2018 as part of the production team. Sean spends his days mostly in the door fabrication team but can also jump over to the windows when/if needed. Sean recently moved to Orange from Sydney with his wife but he is originally from Devon, England. He enjoys spending his weekends outdoors or participating in running events/marathons. Sean also loves travelling and when he was younger he spent some time in America working as a leader for kids camps. Sean and his wife have recently welcomed a daughter, Sadie.
AmandaProduction Team
Amanda joined the team in February 2019 as part of the production team. Amanda recently moved to Orange from Sydney with her husband. Amanda enjoys spending her weekends with her husband and playing outdoors with her big dogs. She is also a big movie fan! She also has over 20 years experience in the window and door industry.
NickWarehousing Team
Nick joined Taberners in April 2019 as part of the warehousing team. He can often be found unpacking the incoming goods and keeping the stations in the factory fully stocked so no delays occur with production. During Nick’s spare time he enjoys going kyacking. Nick also enjoys spending time with his family, building Lego and online gaming. He is a local, having lived in Orange for most of his life.
LukeProduction Team
Luke joined Taberners in August 2019 as part of our Window Production team. Since then, he has maid the move over to the door team. Luke has many years experience in the window and door industry. He has made a great addition to the team. In his spare time, he will be found spending time with his fiance, his dog and playing video games.
MitchSite Team
Mitch joined the team in August 2019. He is part of the delivery/site team. Mitch is a 4th generation family member and has a background in truck driving, so he comes with experience for our delivery team. On the weekends, Mitch will be found spending time with his wife & new daughter, Adeline. 4WD, hunting & camping.
TrevorProduction / Site Team
Trevor joined the team in May 2019. Trevor spends his days either out on site assisting with service calls or in the factory helping to make product. During Trevor’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his fiance watching movies and spending time with their dog.
CharlieWarehousing Team
Charlie joined the team in November 2020. Charlie is the head of our warehousing team, taking charge of unloading and unpacking all of our incoming delivered goods. In his spare time Charlie loves to go fishing and camping with his mates.
JackProduction Team
Jack joined the team in November 2020 as part of the window manufacturing team. Jack is very sporty and loves to play footy on the weekends. He also enjoys a bit of fishing and camping with friends.

Pastoral Division Team

Taberners are also heavily involved in primary production and have a team of guys working on our rural property not far from Orange. We have a focus on cattle and sheep production and run 500-600 cattle and about 4000 sheep when the weather co-operates and we have the rain we need. This all takes a lot of time and effort to look after and needs a specialist group of people to run smoothly, find out more about them below!

AndrewPastoral Division Director
Andrew is our full time Pastoral Division Director, directing a small but dynamic team, he keeps things running smoothly on the farm. With a strong focus on cattle and sheep, the team is kept busy in all aspects of farming. Andrew keeps a close eye on all the machinery and equipment required to keep the property running. He can often be found on the excavator or tractors where he spends his time from sun-up to sun-down. During Andrews, spare time he enjoys hunting, riding motorbikes and spending time with his family and friends.
JacksonPastoral Division Fabricator / Maintenance
Jackson joined the family business in June 2016. Married to Andrews daughter, Jackson has been a handy addition to the pastoral team. Jackson comes from a background of welding and boiler-making. He spends most of his days assisting out on the property. With Jackson’s background in metal craft, he makes all of our transport frames and storage racks in house, recently Jackson spent many months fabricating new frames required for our factory makeover. In his spare time, Jackson enjoys being outdoors and working on his own property.
SimeonPastoral Division Apprentice in Agriculture
Sim is the youngest member of the team and 4th generation family member, Andrews son. He recently joined the Pastoral Division team and is studying Certificate III in Agriculture at TAFE. Sim assists wherever needed on the property and is living his dream…..Sim enjoys hunting and spending time outdoors in his spare time, he is excited about a new pup soon to arrive that will keep him company on the farm as he works.